Friday, May 05, 2006

More anti-nano scares from the hype pipe

Under the heading of "oh my gosh!" you'll find a quote from some poor deranged fool at the bottom of this post. Here's my reply:

Why is it that intentionally controlled nanoparticles are any more dangerous than those which occur at random? There is no logical reason to instantly assume that the soot your car spits out is somehow safer than the zinc oxide particles in suntan lotion. And yet we're being warned all the time about the particles in our products despite the fact that we at least know what they are and can hazard a guess at least as to any threat they might offer. The same can not be said for the almost infinite sources of nanoparticles which occur in what we all think of as the "natural" world.

The analogy with asbestos is totally flawed for so many reasons I don't even know where to start. 1) at the time no one even knew tiny particles were a danger. 2) asbestos fibers are macroscopic even those which cause lung cancer. 3) We are now aware of the danger of inhaling things, like automobile exhaust or cat dander and can easily take steps to avoid them. 4) I could just keep pointing things out but you should be smart enough to figure them out on your own.

Don't even get me started about GMOs. No one, absolutely no one has ever died from exposure to a GMO. EVER. However millions of people are starving to death in Africa as you read this because they don't have GMO foods to keep them alive. Good job, idiot.

Far more irreversible harm is being caused by irrational panic mongers who delight in giving away their natural intelligence to be dominated by a herd mentality which furthers their loss of control to authoritarians.

I am sure when they started using Asbestos products several years ago, it was perceived as the best product for the application. It took several years to prove and feel the deadly side effects.

Seemingly harmless natural rubber could cause severe allergic reactions and no wonder majority of clinical facilities "discontinued" using rubber products. GMO crop / food / plant technology that people are toying with is another classic example, with irreversible harmful effects being discovered on a regular basis.

We ought to weigh potential harm than potential benefit first when other alternatives are available.

I would say much research needs to be done before these products penetrate our homes and lives and wreck potentially irreversible havoc.

From PB, unregistered commentor at Physnews. What a doh!



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