Monday, April 17, 2006

More nano safety hype

Altair Nanotechnologies Inc. were the ones to get it this time. The above linked article is another great example of hit-and-run journalism. Scarey images of carcinogen laden workers are paraded before the readers eye like a plutonium laden head of cabbage from the Monsanto farm factory. Typical of touchy-feely leftwing lying elite reportage the Northwest Arkansas News does nothing to provide us with real information or any sensible warning. Instead they spin a hype of "Men in grease-stained blue coats" and Nano-magic (the improperly repackaged aerosol product from Germany which contained neither Nano nor Magic ) mad hatters are thrown in for good measure, just in case they didn't push all your worker safety buttons.

Yes, it's true that worker safety needs to be addressed in every industry and yes, nanotech is a new field. But do we really need agenda driven journalism to dictate who and how these issues are confronted? N.A.N. does give Altair credit for inviting inspection by federal investigators from NIOSH but only after cranking the hype and then immediately qualifying the rest of the industry as hiding it's collective heads from inspection. Of course these proprietary operations don't want everyone knowing what and how they're manufacturing. In nanotech, keeping a secret may be your only edge. But that doesn't mean the industry as a whole is indifferent to worker safety. Far from it, in almost every arena of nanotech worker safety must be frontline and every manufacturer knows it. 30 years of asbestos lawsuits assures that in the very least.

Are we seeing truly deep seated concern here, or is this just another attempt at control and suppression by the same forces which were brought to bare on genetically modified foods? (to the everlasting despair of millions of starving people in southern Africa today ...)



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