Saturday, April 15, 2006

Rutgers Team's Coal-to-Diesel Breakthrough

Rutger's university and the University of North Carolina have refined a method of converting coal into liquid petroleum. After reading the above linked article I am put on the look out for "the Barrier". This research looks like it could be put directly into practice and with the vested interests of the petroleum giants being threatened you just know that something has to come along and either lock this up or prevent it from preceding. On the other hand, the coal industry isn't exactly chump change so maybe they will be able to keep these researchers alive long enough for this to come to fruition. With imminent threats from several oil producing nations (Iran and Venezuala come to mind) upon our supplies as well as the continuing intransigence of the oil refining monopolies which are determined to squeeze every dollar from the consumer they possibly could, the development of a competing supply of any petroleum fuel would be a blessing to the general public and the American economy. Wouldn't it be sweet to tell OPEC to kiss our tail pipes? Let's all pray that this promising research is allowed to flourish rather than being blunted by the vested interests of a greedy few.



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