Monday, May 01, 2006

Device fusion: will it lead to "Perfect Witness"

Sound Solution has delivered a product called the torq100 which combines handheld PC, cellphone, GPS, wireless, and digital camera technology. I've been predicting such a fused device for about 7 years now. With just a tiny tweak of encryption to make the whole thing secure and a simple transparent verification system to give it reciprocal accountability this device (especially when operating in groups ) would provide a 99.99999% reliable witness system thus circumventing many if not all the problems inherent with relying on human witnesses. First hand accounts have been proven time and again to have dubious value even though it is one of the center pieces of our judicial system. By delivering a verified encrypted GPS located image stream to a third party site for later review perfectly reliable first hand accounts of events can be recorded or simply streamed to the web for public consumption. The reduction in historical uncertainty would be immense while subjective influence on reporting would be purely a matter of personal response, no longer coloring the perceived outcome of events.



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