Sunday, April 23, 2006

Thinking about national debt

The above linked article really got me thinking. There is one dimension of future expenditure which (and this is totally wishful thinking I admit!) could potentially absorb the vast run-off of debt which America is developing. The arenas of high tech evolution operate under rules of geometric progression. Electronics, IT and nanotech each produces orders of magnitude progression which would swamp an economy with surplus. But here's the catch: that wouldn't be an economy of shortages which allow governments ready control of the masses. Therefore the assorted control organizations of the world must stay ahead of this trend of accelerating returns. Venture capital which could go into the R&D of useful new media and products are absorbed by stock markets which over price already vested stocks and speculators drive up the price of required goods such as oil. These economic restriction coupled with government restraints prevent runaway technological development. And when these methods don't work another form of psycho-social engineering can be employed for instance as happened during the internet bubble in 2000. The over-hyping and subsequent burnout of web based businesses have left most investors scared of things technologically profound. A similar thing happened in biotech with the introduction of the "Frankenfoods" scare. Such psycho-social engineering (call it spin if you must) has all the hallmarks of classic mass control methodology. The saddest thing is, we all just give into the sound bites and image blurbs and let it work instead of exercising a little thought and behaving reasonably.



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