Sunday, July 23, 2006

Finally, someone actually DOING something with nano

Nanotechnologies, Inc. is changing its name to Novacentrix and changing its game plan as well. These folks are making a really smart move in going to product-direct-to-market instead of being an initial materials supplier. Cutting out the middleman and selling finished products demanded by need is a much better business model. As anyone reading my blog in the past knows, one of the biggest frustrations about the "nano" field is the lack of direct, practical applications. There's lots of mights and maybes but very little "here's your nano-toothpaste. $4.79, please"

The best part about this article is that it points out that this is an expanding trend. Several other companies are now leveraging their experience in nano engineering to go directly into sellable products. Hoorah!

I'm really looking forwards to Novacentrix's printable metals and semiconductor inks. That should be a load of fun to fool around with.



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