Thursday, May 18, 2006

Finally a voice of reason

Nanotechbuzz wasn't where I expected to see a fine bit of calm clear logic but it should have been.

After 8 groups filed complaints with the FDA to ban sunscreens that contain zinc and titanium oxide nanoparticles NTB had a great point I hadn't even touch on yet: the repercussions of stirring up paranoia on the use of sunscreens. The public have been relying on these sunscreens to protect them from harmful ultraviolet rays and now these 8 groups, who are doing little more than maneuvering for more political power, come along and create a climate of fear likely to confuse the public on what is safe.

Let me clue these morons into a fact: Zinc is used by the human body. You need it to stay healthy. Are they really dumb enough to think that the relatively tiny amounts which will be absorbed through the skin are going to cause any harm to a person much less to the environment or some such nonsense? Chances are much better that this will actually be good for some people, improving their health by restoring a needed nutrient rather than causing any harm. But groups like Greenpeace and Fiends of the Earth are much more interested in how they can manipulate public opinion with fear and propaganda so as to gain further influence.

Keep up the good work, Nanotech Buzzz!



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