Saturday, January 21, 2006

Always Towards never At

Towards Molecular Electronics: New Way of Making Molecular Transistors from
Researchers at Columbia University's Nanoscience Center are on the verge of solving one of the most vexing barriers facing advances in molecular electronics: incorporating individual molecules into functional nanoscale devices and exploiting their electrical and chemical properties. [...]

Articles like these have become a little tiresome. A whole bunch of "Somedays" and "maybes" Can't these people ever go directly to product? And must the transition from hypothetical research and actual implementation always take between 5 and 10 years? The principles I read about above along with the last 5 years of advances in imagining, testing and verification of nanoscale devices tell me that this technology would be available in less than 2 years if the stream of innovation went directly between researcher and manufacturer. Is it a huge licensing issue that keeps these things tied up for 3-8 years or is it that the initial research is so specious and the reporting of it so flimsy and jargony that we are misled?


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