Saturday, March 01, 2008

Nano-Lies at the LA Times

One of the most egregious examples of nano-paranoia I've ever read, the LA Times article "An unprecedented ability to harm" by George Kimbrell is composed of unsupported statements and sourceless references. All the usual lies, distortions and misunderstandings. He even stole my line "The new asbestos" from a year ago. According to Mr. Kimbrell, all that is unknown will most certainly kill us all with even the slightest brush. And of course industry can never be trusted to act responsibly and only the government can save us from the evil nanotech overlords.

A tour-de-farce of propaganda and fear mongering, when will the old media outlets quit poisoning the data stream with their agenda driven spin-doctoring?

Aatish Salvi does a passable job of countering these claims in his answering article "Fake fears shouldn't stop progress" but I sense in this an attempt by the LA Times to engineer plausible deniability. Aatish could do a better job of pointing out that many of the issues George raises are either out-right lies or are based on poorly designed experiments.



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