Friday, January 18, 2008

C60 ponderings

Inspired by the company C-Sixty I spent a little time making a fullerene-carotene conjugate with NE-1. Then I went looking for links to help elucidate my thinking. Interestingly C-Sixty is no more, they got bought by Carbon Nanotechnologies. So I went there. But C-Nano is no more either, they got absorbed by Unidym and the only thing Unidym makes is carbon for electronics. So now I'm baffled, what happened to all that promising intellectual property that was once held by C-Sixty? All of the therapeutic agents they were exploring have become lost in the shuffle. Anyways, you can follow the link above to an article which presents some info in the vicinity. Below is an image of the molecule I made and here's the link to the molecular machine part. Notice the interesting shape that the fullerene takes, sort of like a pear and also that it is so neutral as to not force the rest of the molecule away (which is what I expected)



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