Saturday, December 08, 2007

Nanotech roadmap 2007

Good ol' Eric Drexler has the 2007 roadmap for nanotech up at his site. Good stuff, albeit ladled full of his usual mixed metaphors. He keeps referring to "surfaces" as if there were such a thing at the atomic level. I realize this is probably more for the laymen but I find it distracting, and I'm a total dilettante laymen.

Anyways, I'm up to page 30 of part one and thoroughly enjoying the work. Anyone involved in current CMOS or other semiconductor R&D will find lots of inspirational material especially if they're keeping up with some of the stuff coming out of the universities in the last year.

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Monday, December 03, 2007

3d microparticle sculpting moves forward

Although it isn't "nano" per-se, it does verge on the sort of tech that hovers in the area. I commented on flow-lithography last year and now the bright people at MIT have extended the tech to include surface textures and porosity in their design profile. I'm going to be waiting with much anticipation to see if the methodologies from molecular imprint lithography can be dove-tailed into this field of work. If so we might soon (a couple years, the usual tech meaning of "soon") see exact or nearly exact atomic precision of placement come into play. Granted it'll only be that sort of precision with appropriate polymers but still a huge step in the direction of MNT.