Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Further concerns

One of the things which is really worrisome about the US losing its technological advantage is that other countries are able to make forays into implementations of technology which have been unexplored or even implicitly prevented here. American technicians operate somewhat under the same scrutiny as American scientists do as far as safety and oversite are concerned. Research programs abroad are not restrained by our methods. This puts US technology at a further disadvantage as well as creating unforeseen danger. If we should come to encounter a foreign made technology which we have no experience with be it nano, bio or some other -tech the US will not have any sort of recourse. No experts to consult, no advanced analyses to be gained. What's even worse is that we won't be able to provide the consequences of our own expertise. Other countries will end up going to the new "Super-power" of technology for trade and transactions.


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